By evilwater / Friday 15 July 2011 17:21 / United States
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  cradle6  |  13

It was a reference to an American court case in which a woman at a McDonalds Drive Thru spilled coffee on herself, and sued McDonalds for an insane amount of money. She won.

  KatrinaKitten  |  16

Actually, 76, the lady won because she suffered THIRD-Degree burns on her legs, thighs, groins and genitals. It had nothing to do with her age.The case is so misinterpreted and the important details are often left out - you should web search it and read about it.

  PandaLoverXD  |  12

No one should get third-degree burns over spilled coffee. McDonald's had been repeatedly warned about how hot their coffee was other times. All the lady wanted was money to pay her hospital bills, which were ridiculously high, it was the jury that wanted to make McDonald's pay more since they knew that it was such a big company that the amount she wanted would be nothing to them.

By  gunmania0  |  12

You're a bit of a cluts...

  OWNZ  |  0

ya one time, i spilled a full glass of coke, so my mom reached over to grab napkins and spilled three of our glasses we got refills of, so there was ice and coke everywhere. And the old people behind us were like grumbling amongst eachother about it. it was pretty awesome... :D

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