By Anonymous / Thursday 19 November 2015 09:46 / United States - Chippewa Falls
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  PANDORUM89  |  21

on the contrary. college professors do care however they give the group the power to kick your members out if they don't do their job.
I've kicked out 2 people from my 3 person group because they never responded and didn't turn in their parts on time. they had to do an entire project alone overnight.
I also removed someone from a PowerPoint project because he talked on his phone in the hallway for the entire project then comes back in and goes why isn't my name on the PowerPoint?
teacher both times goes, well maybe you'll participate next time.
they care but they aren't going to hold your hand

By  8313girl  |  28

OP you gotta be more assertive and put your foot down. Whether those snobs acknowledged you or not, your grade matters. Hope you were able to put them in their place or at least explain the situation to the teacher.


Today, while working for my grandma to clean her gutters, my gloves ripped to such a point that they became useless. There was more raccoon shit than leaves in the gutters and I had to clean it all with my bare hands. I'm talking 5 buckets worth of it. To top it off, the high today was a balmy 35° Fahrenheit. FML

By jimmyironic - / Tuesday 13 December 2016 04:16 / United States - Lorain
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