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It happened to me once with a packet of blank CDs that I bought at another shop earlier. It didn't worry me as the alarms are only to get the staff's attention


@4 Sometimes the machines just screw up. Yesterday at school I saw a guy leaving the library. The anti-theft machines beeped, but the only books he had with him were the ones he bought at the bookstore (in a separate building). The same thing happened to another guy less than five minutes later.


I've had this happen to me twice. The first time was my phone that triggered it. My friend and I tossed my phone back and forth through the detectors, setting them off. The second time was when I had a pack of E-cig cartridges in my purse that had an anti-theft tag on it.


I can personally say I've left the security tags on my accident when ringing people out, especially if they buy something like a really thick cardigan, it's hard to see or feel them. Luckily the alarms almost always go off. Sometimes it's tricky, other times the machines are just screwy.


If you order some designer purses online, they may have a security tag hidden deep in a pocket, it can set them off. It's happened to me before. Once a tag was sewn in the lining. That was fun.

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