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For everyone wondering, there were multiple teachers who accused me. Then they proceeded to contact my parents on account of my 'strange behavior'
By Not_High - / Friday 23 March 2012 06:18 / Canada - White Rock
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  Cappiej  |  18

OP's a girl...

  Cappiej  |  18

16- Frankly, I don't remember. Apologies

  mcintosh123  |  15

I feel bad for you OP my mates also think I'm high when my eyes are red but what they didn't know is that when I yawn it looks like I'm crying and a little bit of tears come out

  DooleyFTW  |  17

I was accused of being drunk today for talking to my parents before going to my room when I got home from school last year lol

  Baustigt  |  40

Yes... sometimes I become lost in my own fantasies and I'll start flapping my arms or something. And then I look up to see my colleagues laughing at me. It's a tragic life.

  odexy  |  12

Hah, my parents would actually constantly accuse me of doing drugs when I literally hadn't touched the stuff in my life. Now that I actually DO get high, they've never questioned me about it. Heck I've smoked in their bathroom during Christmas break and they were completely oblivious. Although I have told my mother that I smoke and she doesn't really care. My step father was always the spazzy one about it...

By  potterag  |  0

Perhaps the only reasonable explanation of playing with a milk bottle is being high? hmm let me check yea you were mostly likely high. YDI

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