By xxlexi_lovexx / Monday 29 March 2010 04:20 / United States
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  a7x451  |  0

First off God of War is way more important than women second off you should make him a sammich before he gets home then do his laundry like a good girl.

  innocuus  |  0

my first thought was wow that guy's a fag. like it'd really take that long to nail her. just go get the game afterwards. if a guy did that to me he'd be lucky to get the chance again for at least a month.


Hey, just a suggestion, *ahem* maybe this wouldn't have happened if you would've just kept your opinions to yourself like a useful woman, because in the end, it's just noise.

By  hannahuk1986  |  0

Time to trash his room. Better yet, steal his computer so he can't even play the game.


it comes out on xbox now too lmfao so shed have to fuck all his systems up.

but ydi for thinking u could top GoW3. even if she did trash everything he'd move to his friends till he finished the game.

  sublimaze  |  6

it's her iPhone keyboard. she has the "iGhetto" package for jailbroken phones that autocorrects text into pseudo-urban style with an attitude, so you sound like a cracked-out rapper's girlfriend from the 'hood. it's popular with rebellious white teenage girls

By  mariekentairo  |  0

What a douche. You should stay with him, then just before spring break, dump him. Unless you've already had spring break? In such case just cut a few wires in his computer so he spends a month trying to figure out what's wrong with it.

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