By muffin - / Sunday 10 May 2009 05:22 / United States
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Okay, I don't understand. By you saying you are allergic to Nair, it must mean that this would be the first time in trying to get rid of a "moustache." Next time think for a few seconds. First off, he accepted to go on a date with you, and whether it was you, him, or one of your friends who got the date started, he at least has some sort of interest in you even though you have a "moustache." Second, next try something unless you already tried it in the past; for example, if y


YDI for being such a westernized woman from the great satan! You are lucky us taliban aren't around your filthy area

#1: SHUT UP YOU FREAKING CRAZY PSYCHO! Aww, that sucks. But they say never put Nair on your face, private areas, or eyes. You should have just iced it and then plucked. It is very easy.


I thought the exact same thing, and read the comments just to see if anyone else felt the same way. I love you.

ouch. Those rashes last ofrever too. I also am allergic. I used it on my legs once, about 30 minutes before I was due to go on the floor at a cheerleading competition. I had to go on the floor with bright red legs that burned the entire time, and then still had this painful rash for like 2 weeks. rash-stache just made my day better though!

You're not allergic. My brother did the same thing and his entire beard turned into little red spots. Always read the labels!

mus-rash, rash-stache, #3 haha sorry that happened, maybe next time just read the label. or notice that the reason you're going on this date is because the other person likes you. so why would you want to change yourself? cheesy, i know, but you need it ;)

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