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She did, it was just an excuse to be a whore. "oops, I totally didn't see this huge surburban, with men all in it." and she said she was in the front. If she was in the back, she could of gotten away with this poor excuse, but she wasn't. And the windshield isn't tinted, start practicing better excuses to act slutty on "accident."


You seem to know her pretty well, 119. Or at least her mindset. Great minds think alike and all that.


@109- unless its nightime, you can still see through most tinted windows. I think op was more concerned about being covered from people outside and didnt expect there to be people inside a parked car. definitely a YDI though

i clicked YDI right after "There wasnt a bathroom near, so I went to change in front of a suburban"

Amusing, but complete YDI. At least they weren't little kids, that's when you get parents that start talking about pressing charges.

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