By Anonymous - / Wednesday 3 February 2010 20:04 / United States
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  MrsDruidess  |  23

that does not deserve respect, not when the joke is dangerous like icing a sidewalk! Respect would need to be if he could pull off something funny without resorting to injuring someone else.

OP I hope you made him shovel all the snow for the rest of the winter and maybe the next!

  ShadowzI  |  0

yeah but spanking bites them psycholocially 10 years later. Making them suffer for their errors is a good way to teach kids... on a short term bases. Course we could choose to ignore them and have 10 years of obediance. but that would be wrong?

  nyc718  |  0

You must be one of them tree hugging hippies .Children who are put on "timeout" turn out to be one of two things... Gay or serial killers. Beatings teach valuable lessons my mom beat the shit out of me and I turned out just fine.

OP beat him till the white meat shows. I garuantee he'll think of that beating everytime he thinks of doing something as stupid as putting water on a freezing sidewalk.

  alexisthename  |  0

^ I agree. There's a big difference between hitting and beating a child.

I used to get hit as a child and I deserved it 100% of the time. I'm almost 30 years old and respect how my parents taught me discipline.

Dumbass parents these days let their kids get away with everything.

  joce445  |  0

Just because a child gets put on a timeout does not mean they will be gay or a cerial killer. I was put on timeouts and I am neither. Nor am I a tree hugging hippie. The method of punishment usually doesn't affect the way a child turns out.

  Martini94  |  0

Beating is illegal, physical punishment is not, to hit a kid is the parents choice as long as it isn't with excessive force, but I m also European so I consider it normal to be beaten with a belt

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