By eringoBRA - / Friday 6 May 2011 14:07 / United States
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  browntiga  |  0

how do you know she's a blonde a girl even?

  MissFukMyLuck  |  0

I'm pretty sure no body would walk out their house topless at least not for as long as she was outside. so men, she faked this fml for some attention. of course I could be.... wrong. pretty sure I'm right though.

  ceinaworus  |  0

yeah, I know how OP feels. one time I was walking downtown and I realized that I was only wearing my socks. it's so hard to tell when Iam wearing clothing.

  BelleElle_fml  |  5

It's possible, you don't really think about it. Once I was going to be late for school and got ready so fast I forgot to put a bra on. Luckily, my best friend noticed and I put on a sweater before we got there.

  enonymous  |  8

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  morgan020  |  0

it's been super windy in Texas for over a month now. It needs to die down but then the humidity and heat will set in :/ so yeah she would have felt a breeze.

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