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Nah, like any other college student, his web-slinging ass is broke. Don't expect him to fly out just to save an idiot across the world. For that, you have superman.

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#80 call me a word nazi, but scent and hear have to do with two of your 5 senses. Lol sent and here. Don't be mad, I just saved you two points on a spelling assignment.


Neither of you caught that? Really? @83, read your first comment on this thread again and look really carefully and then read what I wrote. I was poking fun at your usage of sight over site. And @84, I was utilizing the senses you pointed out. You explained my joke for me, but didn't get it. Weird. Ah, forget it, I'll be more obvious next time.

I'm not sure what would stop traffic better - a pedestrian getting hit by a car or a panicking idiot running through the the street waving her hands above her head at an invisible spider.

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