By wtfmama - / Saturday 4 May 2013 12:51 / United States - Hudson
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By  J08J  |  20

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  SMHsohard  |  22

This FML made my day. I would have had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing, because it sounded like she was really serious, and embarrassing a tween usually doesn't end well. Later, the two of us would have a "girl talk" so she could have a basic understanding of what protection is really all about.

But, really, this is freaking funny.

  iOceanus  |  18

...is what your comment is not.

  PhishloverA  |  14

Who said they were trying to be funny? Seems like you were trying to be but you epically failed, as you just made yourself look like a douche

  NoFlippinWai  |  24

and a hammer. Just incase the duct tape doesnt work.

By  Pleonasm  |  31

She wanted to prevent herself from contracting Duct Lips.

By  SystemofaBlink41  |  27

Tape: Protection for Poor People

  NeonCookies89  |  13

Thats a dick thing to say.

  lambda_fml  |  40

Why did that get thumbed down? It was a smart comment.

  EVnIAS  |  13

#117 it's the easiest and most effective way of population control amongst children. They kill each other and only the strongest survive. That being said I loved your comment I made me laugh.

  7yzzFML  |  17

What i want to know is what OP meant by when she said "I asked what she thought she was doing", sounds as if she was interrogating the daughter, which is quite inappropriate because kissing is very normal at that age.. Shame that theres parents like that


141- #40 said "Babies in their bellies". Unless you are eating children the fetus/baby should not be in any stomach.

  Nintystar98  |  8

I think the point was that the daughter said the boy was "not her boyfriend". I tell my parents when I'm in a relationship. If she denied having a boyfriend, it's probably because her parents don't want her dating yet, and she went behind their backs.

By  lndala  |  15

I think that was really cute. You're lucky she's already thinking about protection and it's only a kiss. Hopefully, she won't take it much further at her age.

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