By spiderlady / Monday 21 September 2015 03:00 / United States
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You found a spider in your mouth.. while brushing your teeth? How did you not find it before then? Or feel it? Or .. anything?


Today, a giant thing squished my digs. As I went for cover in the nearest hole I landed in a damp, slimy mess and feel vibrations like a million bees got stuck in my net. Next thing I know the lights go out and I A: landed in a pile of slime on the ground, FML B: got swallowed and never see the light of day again, FML


Today, I was chillin on my web being spidery. It was a perfect web until some stupid human DESTROYED it and my peace. When I got scared I accidentally went into this persons mouth and died because it smelled so bad. FML

Poor spider... after the OP destroyed it's home, it wanted a new "hole" to live in... lol I wonder if the spider survived?

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