By IamHM - / Saturday 24 October 2015 18:04 / United States
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do the sign of the cross before you leave. spectical, testicals, wallet and phone. .Don't leave home without them.

It's only annoying for the employees because they have to put everything back. it's nothing personal, don't be embarrassed!


I agree! Nothing to be embarrassed about, I bet they were all feeling sorry for you. And let's just hope OP wasn't going to buy a lot of things that you pack yourself, like fruit and such.


i used to work at a grocery store and that was pretty common but it creates jobs. we literally had a position to do that all day. its like reverse shopping

Next time do the tap test. Tap every pocket to make sure you have your possessions with you. Assign an item to each pocket to make it easier!

By  daGun

I understand. Some customers come by the store and they left their card or wallet at home. I can't do anything for them, but they shouldn't have looked at you like that.

Man that sucks but next time, take an extra minute or two to make sure you have everything you need before leaving your house.

Wait, so you were gonna walk miles home carrying a cartfull of groceries?!! Damn, fyl either way had you had your wallet or not..

Usually they can suspend the order and hold it for you. I don't know what grocery store you went to, but I'll stick to mine instead.

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