By pumpkinlover89 / Saturday 27 March 2010 08:26 / United States
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  b182link  |  0

what the heck, that's weird. you should break up with him

  ImSoBaKed  |  0

WTF=. 'What? Threesome Fags' is all I can say


WTF Thats gay. LMFAO anyway glow in the dark condoms LMFAO!

  tylerrelyt  |  0

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  jess_1_30_09  |  4

u r stupid if u reallu believe that.. I don't like it but who r u to judge!!

  Gumblebum100  |  0

I say you hve one of three choices:
1. Join the fun, but remember to be creative
2. Break up with him and find a new boyfriend
3. Or, hey he's going gay so why not go lezbian?

  ikldeadman  |  0

ok, flying off the handle there. talk about it but he might be a little bi unless you know he is, then I don't think it's that bad. I bet this was somewhat shocking though.

  massagenist  |  0

more like fruitcake wars. next thing you know they will come out of a closet doing the elephant walk. then they will attend nude grab a ding a ling parties with black guys like they showed on 60 minutes.

By  beiberlookalike1  |  0

omfg yummmm... ohh ohh ahhhh!!! yesss....

By  oliboi  |  0

uh maybe u should break up with ur bf if hes cheating on u with a guy. whut a faggot playing dick wars thats so fuking disturbing its not even funny. i hope hes ur ex now...

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