FML - The follow-up

Today, I waited 7 hours for my mom to come home and give me my computer back. 15 minutes after she got home, I remembered that I had hidden my computer myself so she wouldn't take it. FML

IntrepidPig Say more :
Hi guys. I have some explaining to do. First off, she thought she had taken my computer as well. She was looking for it when she got home, trying to remember where she put it. Now, when she got home, I decided to put my pajamas on. As I went in my clothes drawer, I wondered if I would hide it there, then I decided I would hide it behind my bookshelf instead. This triggered a memory of me deciding not to hide it behind my bookshelf because it would be too perfect, thus too obvious. I then remembered where I hid it, walked over with such a feeling of idiocy, and found it. I completely deserved this
By IntrepidPig / Sunday 10 April 2016 04:32 / United States - Albany
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  pygmyfrog  |  19

They can and sometimes do. The reason #1 is downvoted is because Murphy's Law is along the lines of "whatever can go wrong, will" - which doesn't apply here.

  foxpug  |  24

Upvoted simply because I don't think it's fair to get buried for a tiny error. Murphy's law wasn't the right saying in this situation, but we knew what she meant. She's obviously a bad person because she made a mistake and we're all infallible creatures, right?

  ABlindMan  |  17

Fun fact: There happens to be a button that says "You deserved it" that you can tap to tell the OP that they did indeed deserve what happened, hence making your comment completely unnecessary.

By  GAJones4221  |  10

my parents tried to do this when I was younger except they only took the keyboard so I had a second one at my dads house that was hidden in the closet that I would plug in and sneak on at night.

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