By thathottchickk / Tuesday 13 December 2011 22:43 / United States
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Agreed Salsa324, Who the hell do these parents think they are? Even if it was Op's fault (which clearly it was'nt) its the parents job to clean up the kids nasty puke. Some people make me sick !!


You deserve it. You should have told her parents know that it's their child they clean it up

While that sucks and you shouldn't have been made to clean it up, it's always a good idea to check with parents before giving children food items.


It's not his job to stop every kid and ask where their mommy is. The mother should have gone with her. Parents should know that when given the chance kids will eat the worst foods. Op, you should have stood up for yourself.


I just spent a good amount of time resisting the urge to plunge a knife into my eye. SHOULD HAVE* asda;sldlkn32lknd2k3ldw;dj23;edu p2309urw09jr0jt ,34908ru 2-9u2-4u2395 u2-8utw[0fjsodifjsoidfisodfjoiwerjo3irj2o3pir29r82-2u3r 23-9r 92-3 ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take it as a compliment. The cake was so good, she wanted to taste it twice!... That is, if you made the cake. (The cake is a lie...)

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