By unsurprised - / Sunday 28 February 2010 10:51 / United States
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Actually, even though it sucks that they stole the stereo, it's good they were able to do it without damaging the car. When my car was broken into a few years ago, the thief did $1650 damage to my car in the process of stealing something worth $20 (a broken, 5 year old iPod). If they'd just knocked on my door and said, "hey. Can I have that broken iPod," I would have given it to them. Instead, they tried prying the window open or something, as there were dents around the window. I need


Does anyone else find it creepy that #66 is going through everyones profiles? Let this be a message to people who put too much information on the internet...you never know what weirdo is looking you up...

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