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He's not a mouse...he's a rat. There's a big difference. Also, don't feel bad for him, he is definitely a mommas boy....
By theycallmekitty - / Friday 11 January 2013 00:02 / United States - Decatur
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There is nothing wrong with not wanting to be molested. Molestation is a bad thing, human or rodent, and it should be stopped.

  dRUMsKELETON  |  12

81 - that's such a great song, no matter how many times you listen to it.
OP I sympathize with you, parents can be pretty disruptive with some of the weird stuff they say. I try to tune them out with some good music :)

By  T9FTW  |  20

That's nice.

  buddy51  |  23

Don't you mean "that's mice!"???

  T9FTW  |  20

ERMAHGERD, YES! I'd like to thank DocBastard, Perdix and generic internet memes. My comment bad, badder than yours.

  rockstar362  |  8

Or an essay on family life, or society's pressure on the individual , or how women are held back in society... Oh wait... That covers all highschool English papers...

  mralman16  |  5

You know schools today are bad when I didn't know what pun meant till this year and I'm about to graduate

  sens3sfailing  |  24

I agree with 95. Don't blame the school for not being intelligent. It is the schools fault in some cases, but otherwise, if you work at learning, you will not be stupid. And I don't remember learning what a pun was from school anyway, and I am not trying to call you stupid

By  sunkissedluster  |  20

Your mom needs to get laid... lol...

  sens3sfailing  |  24

~Wht r u tlking abt? i hardly ever c rly bad grammar on here and y do English tchers even care we r all on the Internet ne way so grammar don't matter no more like ohmigosh wht nrdz and losers care about that?~

I lost quite a few brain cells while writing that...

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