By IPityTheStool - / Thursday 9 June 2011 13:22 / United Kingdom
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staff room means that it was busy so you had to come take a shit here?

  ienjoithinqs  |  0

you could use that moment to blackmail her ad get no homework for her class and get 100% on all her homework :D

  chester75  |  5

YES that would make perfect sense, considering you have no leverage. what are you going to say " I'll tell everyone you pooped, if I dont get an A " common grow up a bit

  iluvhobos  |  5

Annnnddd..WHY did you use the staff toilet in the first place? That's why students have their own bathrooms.

  MrSassypants  |  31

How would you end the conversation?

"Um sorry miss but I have been constipated for a while and I'm trying to focus."

"Sorry and where's your respect? Don't call me miss call me by my full name"

"Sorry Mrs. Assypants."

FYI my name is Mr.Sassypants but since my name gets confused I thought I'll put it into my stupid story. :/

By  hellica2557  |  2

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  puppy23  |  3

After the revolutionary war you changed the spellings to make a conscious break from your association with the uk. It's not just spelling either, we say crisps meaning chips, our chips are your french fries, you say sidewalk we say pavement. Your suspenders are our braces, our suspenders are your garters. It's great fun to learn about!

  MrSassypants  |  31

I thougt someone was most likely to say "diarrhoea" is misspelled and say it is "diarrhea" but looks like someone attacked "apologise". Probably because no one wants to attack diarrhoea. 8)

  california283  |  6

it's not that amazing how ignorant some people are. you can't expect everyone to know everything. just correct them and move on with your life. no need to insult them too!

By  Itstherealjen  |  0

once my teacher even fart in the washroom..

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