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  cakefete2  |  29

This was just a coin-cidence. OP wasn't being dumb or trying to be a re-bill. OP just had one of those days and was hoping their persistence would "change" their luck.

  Leo619  |  20

That was hilarious XD nice puns

  x3jmac27  |  22

Whats funny about this FML is I was working self checkout yesterday and this old lady tried shoving coins into the cash slot. We had to open it up to get them out. Everyone makes mistakes OP don't worry about it (:

  Respect101  |  17

wait you really mean you're not supposed to do that??? I hope no one tries to pay with change..

By  ukeandfoodislife  |  19

Aw OP. It's okay. One time I tried scanning a box of cereal and I didn't think if went through because it didn't beep.(it beeped for everything else) I stood there for a solid 2 minutes just buying it over and over again. Self-Checkouts are awful.


The screen was old and dim... The only reason I was using it was because the line was like 10 people long and I had to get back home to babysit my little brother haha(: but yeah it was stupid. I was rushed hah

  tj4234  |  35

You know as a cashier I can tell you, you may not have been in the wrong. As the tills are never switched off and allowed to reset (they are even left on overnight) they develop weird glitches. This usually happens when the store is quite busy. It's quite rare, but one of the glitches is that the till scans an item multiple times. I once had it happen to me as an operator. The till scanned a box of washing up powder 50 times. Another cashier I know had a bag of oranges that scanned 1000 times... Coming to a total of just over £1000. Usually you wouldn't notice these things as operators fix them quickly. But it can happen.

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