By justnance / Thursday 22 December 2011 18:04 / United Kingdom
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  changesinme  |  0

What flavour of perfume were you using, farts?

By  eatsleepjb  |  8

Haha at least you smelled good!

By  xShannonxSammyx  |  7

That should be a sign. Fuck that person's life, not yours.

  soxfan72797  |  3

It was their life not another person's learn to read.

  YDIomg  |  9

agreed... I think this FML is made up. to faint you would have to be in a small enclosed area for a LONG time. if u actually did faint it wasn't because of the perfume.

  graham11  |  14

11- it's a tough economy and perfume testers are free. Deprecate causes call for desperate measures sometimes but some people are just soo damn stupid.

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