By lavenderpiss - / Monday 16 December 2013 02:04 / Australia - North Adelaide
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By  DaMann360  |  19

"Thats just nasty" *Cleveland voice

By  thedeadmen  |  14

How old is he ? And was it a revenge

  thatsdndn1  |  19

Does it matter if it was a revange or not!? Thats nasty.. But sorry op i think you're brother is funny!

  thedeadmen  |  14

It would matter we dont know if its ydi or fyl

By  DaMann360  |  19

"Thats just nasty" *Cleveland voice

  hugozac88  |  22

I wonder if OP is pissed off

  Smoxxii  |  17

I dunno, 28. How would you feel if I peed in your vaporizer? I bet you love the smell of urine? But I don't think OP would've posted it as an FML if they weren't... But I see what you tried to do there.

  klovemachine  |  24

Or jizz lavender :O

By  maxhhh  |  18

Vaporizer? Just use the weed to cover up the smell of the febreeze.... c'mon now

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