By yepintheladiesroom - / Saturday 7 June 2014 21:37 / United Kingdom - London
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By  zach205  |  24

Guess he was trying to get a BLOW job

  zach205  |  24

darn you, 1, you and I thought of the same thing at the same time, but you beat me to posting. Glad I am not the only person who thought of that corny pun.

  Attacksloth  |  33

This is a comment #1 done right. Came here for this, was not disappoint.

  NatsuD_fml  |  13

he wanted that HOT mouth.

By  zach205  |  24

Guess he was trying to get a BLOW job

  EphMi  |  5

wait a minute.
Which angle did you see him blow dry his penis from?
if you see him from the back, he might accidentally got the front of his pants wet and need to dry it quickly to avoid looking awkward in public.

By  Ihavegas  |  22

guess he thought it was a unisex bathroom.

By  eloiserobertson  |  6

he was getting a good blow job with that

  JKPwnage  |  25

Too slow, #4. Waaay too slow. [incoming Base64-encoded insult] SnVzdCBsaWtlIHlvdXIgZGFk

  zandalee  |  19

We can only hope...
Perhaps he really likes the feeling of hot air blowing along his penis.
Not having said penis, I'm curious.
Would it feel nice per chance?

By  worldclassrager  |  39

And being a woman makes this even more scarring

  XxDevilxXGt  |  26

This is nothing.. when my friend and I go to the gym (and years back the same thing happened when I was on the swim team), we walk in on an average of 5 naked old men in the pool locker rooms. I mean we really don't care because we know we're just animals and it's just another body part, and the old guys at that point dgaf, but that crap gets old real fast, I have to go to a happy place in my mind to get rid of all the cocks in my vision.

By  grapefruit_hd  |  7

He just wanted a blow job #13

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