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lol he was trying to blow a bubble but he cudnt so he was singin and dancin wit spongebob PELVIC THRUST WHOOOO WHOOOO STOP ON UR RIGHT FOOT DONT 4GET IT!!!!!!


Indeed. I would like to see this FML in the form of a viral YouTube video, then remixed by 4chan to hilariously repeat choice instances in the vid and put to techno music. Lotsa thrusting and crotch burning there!

YDI for trying to fornicate with an inanimate object. YDI for singing and dancing while being a guy. What are you, some kind of Nancy? Going to try out for the next season of Glee?! YDI for having indoor plumbing. YDI for your username, unless you're also a redhead, in which case YDI for being a ginger and making a pun out of it and your incident.

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