By Fire_Crotch - / Saturday 14 August 2010 06:27 / Canada
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  bubbarific  |  0

lol he was trying to blow a bubble but he cudnt so he was singin and dancin wit spongebob PELVIC THRUST WHOOOO WHOOOO STOP ON UR RIGHT FOOT DONT 4GET IT!!!!!!

  starile  |  19

Indeed. I would like to see this FML in the form of a viral YouTube video, then remixed by 4chan to hilariously repeat choice instances in the vid and put to techno music. Lotsa thrusting and crotch burning there!

By  Trollz4daLULZ  |  1

YDI for trying to fornicate with an inanimate object. YDI for singing and dancing while being a guy. What are you, some kind of Nancy? Going to try out for the next season of Glee?! YDI for having indoor plumbing. YDI for your username, unless you're also a redhead, in which case YDI for being a ginger and making a pun out of it and your incident.

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