By Drill Drilled / Wednesday 15 April 2015 22:12 / United States - Lake Elsinore
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By  zachmcombruh  |  6

Ha first I agree

  JustinJK  |  21

Does anyone remember when the fml staff would moderate the first comment if they said first? The staff would write something totally ridiculous and people were like wtf how did this person write all that? I didn't have an account at that time, more of a lurker. but it was hilarious.

  kylieh72  |  25

Unless their school is new or has been updated with security cameras. There's a chance the op could end up in trouble for being late AND pulling the alarm...sorry op!

By  Arthurie  |  30

Looks like you've met your *match*, OP... gravity. Ah, but thinking about it brings me *down*. :(

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