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FYL Op! Yes, you do have to know that your parents can have sex. But it is still disturbing and disgusting to know its happening.One time i caught my dad looking at Jessica Alba's ass on his laptop, sure i gotta know that parents are humans but i still feel like i'm scarred for life lol. Is it normal for dad's to look at celebrity's ass? lol

By  z_vet

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By  msw52

Why would you ever put a tape recorder in your parents room??? leave it to your mom to tell him/ prove to him that he snores

#3, its like a car accident... u dont wanna look but u have to lol.... OP, its sex, everyone does it... i used to hear my parents on occasion when i lived at home.. just pretend it didnt happen and go on w/ ur life

This may come as a shock, but sometimes older people have sex too. You had to know there was the possibility you wouldn't have only caught him snoring.

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