By rojin12 / Tuesday 30 August 2011 06:30 / United States
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  zbajis  |  7

I once saved the world in 24 hours, discovered transforming robots, had super powers, and saved a bunch of blue alien looking people. Then I woke up.

By  1958x  |  6

Uhm, don't hit it so hard next time? That or your desk really isn't built very sturdy.

  dCrazyLord  |  9

wow some people can be really rude, I hope that you feel better about yourself after putting someone else down.

  crinx034  |  0

And I'm on tonight You know my hips don't lie and I'm starting to feel it's right The attracting, the tension The way I move it is perfection- *knocks everything off desk* Not again!!

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