By Anonymous - / Wednesday 18 February 2015 18:06 / United Kingdom - Norwich
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I can forgive stupidity. But the fact that you would use this method for a raise rather than working hard and earning it makes you a bad person, OP. I'm glad karma bit you in the ass.

So this is what it's like to be here early... Anyways you deserve it for blackmailing someone. For a raise? Seriously? And no matter how much of a d-bag your boss may be, doing something wrong is not the answer.


That wouldn't make the situation worse at all. /sarcasm Even if OP quit and had nothing to lose, I doubt he'd have a chance with wifey, considering the whole blackmail thing. OPs boss probably told her, lol.


@119 why assume the family is messed up? I love my wife and she knows my girlfriend. I know her girlfriend, too. Open relationships are fun for all involved.

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