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OP, he delivers pizza to you, I don't know how often, but he does. He knows you always order a single pizza and that there is no one there with you. Sorry, but you aren't fooling him but you might get him inside to deliver his tip. Does this sound like the beginning of a porn movie to anyone else?


Never mind why would he care, why would SHE care enough to put make-up on just to prove you have a life? Here's an idea; actually go get a life.


Once I got a free pizza. Well, only because he brought me the wrong one. lol. OP, don't order another pizza. Get dolled up, get out and treat yourself! :)

By  zy135

How does shew deserve it? What if the pizza guy coulda been cute so she coulda gotten a date with him

It's the pizza guy, he doesn't care about your looks and whether you have a life or not, he cares about your tip.

and you know what? he probably did! mission accomplished. either that or he was hoping you'd seduce him. either way, your lying worked out for the better.

Hahaha, you think he really cares? He probably already hates job, he doesn't have time to think about whether you have a life or not.

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