By Dick the Greater - / Friday 25 October 2013 22:08 /
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  patrickalamo  |  47

Perhaps it is her big vag. V's a normal sized wang...

  vanity113  |  9

Cool story bro, please tell me more.

  jondmon91  |  10

She can teach her son how to please a woman. Chivalry is truly dead.

By  MasqueradePrince  |  25

Well... If you suck at oral, you could always practice more, I can't really give advice for you being small... But... On the bright side the sky looks pretty in the morning sometimes, you could look at it and smile.

  Gingerette  |  8

This is good advice. Everyone would be at least a little happier if they got up early and took a gander at the great blue yonder. It makes your problems look smaller.

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