By Joey - / Saturday 4 June 2016 18:52 / United States - Apo
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By  cacheson  |  38

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By  Yastafari  |  16

early bird catches the worm?

  moondoglou420  |  17

This comment deserves a slow clap...

By  MenacingMe  |  17

The value of virginity certainly isn't what it used to be, but damn, that sucks. You were doing your girlfriend a service, trusting her enough to do this, and she walks out of someone's apartment with her cherry popped. I hope you didn't let that slide.

  withered  |  29

#3 of course the value of virginity isn't what is used to be because society is more developed than it used to be. People realize more than women also like sex and women aren't taught anymore to "wait until marriage" for "the one" and more and more people know they should enjoy sex if they want to do so. Not that this is the point of this FML.

By  tosdyke  |  16

The items she wanted back literally lost her ass on!

By  cacheson  |  38

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By  thejokingguy13  |  12

Dude I would have waited 15 min, if she hadn't come put by then, then you know what's happening. That is when you shout " fuck you (insert girls name)" then leave. But yeah that sucks so do yourself a favour and don't give her a second chance

  Aethereal  |  14

A more logical conclusion would have been a disagreement or difficulty locating some of the items... Making premature assumptions like that is an easy way to make an accidental ass out of yourself.


My best friend once left me standing outside her ex boyfriend's house for almost 30 minutes after we went there together to drop off the backpack he'd left at her place. I'm 100% sure she didn't sleep with him, at least judging by the pissed off looks on both of their faces after she finally managed to get out of there. Apparently he'd wanted to 'talk things out' and convince her to get back together after he'd previously told her she had no heart and would die alone. Long story short: It is actually possible to spend more than 15 minutes with your ex without magically finding yourself sitting on top of his dick.


The fact that she was a virgin, doesn't make her any less of a ho. I know ho is often used to refer to a people with many sexual partners, but I personally use those slurs, not in reference to how many people a person sleeps with, cause I could care less about that because really, it hurts no one as long as they're responsible. And more towards the actions a person has in regards to sleeping with people. The girlfriend in this case is not a ho based on her number of sexual partners, but because she had sex with her ex while her boyfriend was right outside. She's a ho for being a terrible cheater.

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