By Anonymous / Friday 13 May 2016 03:46 / United States
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1) Check to make sure you just didn't just put it in a different location you don't remember. 2) Double-check. 3) Road Trip #2 is a go!

If that binder and those notes were so important you should have packed them and put them in the car the night before.


Ok, the people thumbing me down have to realise that I'm from the UK. To Brits, two hours is a long journey and I can't wrap my head around anyone thinking it's a short journey. Don't blame me, blame my country for being much smaller than the US.

At least you had a nice drive for a while :) sometimes it's good to just drive away to relax, even though it wasn't exactly according to your plan.

By  H4H

Call the hotel and ask if they picked it up while cleaning the room and ask them to hold it for you. Then prepare for another two hour road trip

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