By ben - / Friday 18 September 2009 06:17 / United States
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LOL. But it's a laugh-it-off, not an FML. Btw, did the barber respond by saying "Sir, I'll have to charge you double - one to find the hair and the other to cut it!"


I agree with #34. The FMLs are shit these days, it is as if everyone here is a softy. I mean, come on...


op is just stupid. That is the EXACT same thing i would say to my dad. he knows better than to set himself up for that.

I don't get why old guys do get like half an inch of hair trimmed off their sides. ... why bother?


As my dad says, bald is beautiful. :) OP, embrace your thinning hair. Or go for the Full Monty, and shave the rest of it off! :D

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