By Nemesis2747 - / Thursday 24 December 2009 06:09 / United States
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By  FPsLife  |  5

If her roommate was there, you should have had her(him?) help at least. YDI

  waterynuggets  |  0

Maybe the roommate had just came home. OP doesn't deserve it. Hell, you'd think the roommate would know their roomie was in the hospital unless it was something that just unexpectedly happened.


@10, #3 meant "helping" in a different kind of level, you know..

By  Jimboom  |  11

Ha ha. Well I am sure after you explained it he would understand.... and then you could both have a party with her before she wakes up. ;-)

By  quirinus  |  0

YDI for giving a fuck what her roommate thought, and then bitching about it on FML

By  kmhello313  |  0

If she's passing out don't you think you should be taking her back to the hospital instead of stripping her? Guys have such a one track mind. YDI


hardly, OP said that she was on med that made her droswy and thus her just falling asleep, I'd say, would be fairly expected, it would be a waste of time and resources taking her back to the hospital

  thesunshotme  |  0

I think what OP means here is that his friend fell asleep from the strong side effects of meds. "Passing out" is a common idiom for falling asleep from exhaustion. Surprised you haven't heard it before. So no, he shouldn't have taken her back to the hospital for falling asleep.

  Thornod  |  0

#14 Thanks for the laugh. I just had this mental image of someone repeatedly taking their significant other to the emergency room because they keep falling asleep after sex.


so you've never been on any sort of anesthetic drug? it makes you fall asleep VERY fast. the reason she passed out was because she had recieved meds that made her sleepy. it was just the meds! she did not have a horrible reaction to the drug PS. he clearly said that she recieved meds that mae her drowsy

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