By I'm an adult! / Thursday 2 July 2015 19:16 / United States - Mount Vernon
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By  amileah13  |  26

Congratulations, sweetie! That's so wonderful and don't listen to your parents! You've got a baby on the way and a wedding to plan! Best wishes to you!

By  hersheykisses511  |  18

How dare you be so careless!!! At least they care?

By  Nathan_Henry  |  15

Congrats, I'm no doctor but isn't 22 a little early?

  TheCookieComet  |  23

14 is not too early in fact its the perfect time, if we're living in the middle ages.

  lrh11  |  14

As to the doctor thing,medically 22 is perfect. Your eggs start dying off around 27-29so early to mid 20s is the way to go. However,it's a personal choice. Some people could get married at 18 and immediately have a kid and it would be the right choice for them. There is no "right age" to have a kid(as an adult anyway)

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