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I don't get why this is being thumbed down, that's exactly what the FML is about. Why is it so bad that the mother liked her bf so much that she was more upset than OP?


It may not even be about the mother liking the boyfriend. Maybe she was just upset that something negative happened to her daughter? Or maybe she thought that OP was hiding her real feelings?


35, If OP was pregnant, the fetus doesn't just disappear if they break up, Her mother would still get a grand kid. So I don't think that's why she was upset.

There's nothing wrong with that if you all had a good relationship or that you were with him a long time :(

Good for her caring about her daughters problems though honestly she was probably cheating with him and is sad cause she doesn't have an excuse to see him anymore.

That is really strange, but your mom seems to really care about what is going on in your life and I think that's really cool. Sure, she may have overreacted but it beats her saying "well good, I've always disliked him!"

1 of 3 possibilities: 1.she wanted him to be the ONE for you 2.he was your best boyfriend out of all previous ones and she doesn't think you'll be as lucky the next time 3. She is secretly really happy but is putting on an act

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