By jkbeynon / Sunday 3 March 2013 04:18 / United States - Canyon Country
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  Shmatterhorn  |  38

No, that's Basement Cat. Get your memes straight!

  dancinwookie  |  21

How can we be so frightened as children of something with the word "boogey" in it? I hear an instant classic disco hit in my head...I've got the fever! So, anyway...

  dancinwookie  |  21

I was referring to the boogie-man, but that flew over some heads. His smooth tunes just piss some people off, I guess! F-ing terrible sarcasm, people; learn to read it!

  dancinwookie  |  21

#20- It happens. Sometimes my imagination gets the best of me. The thought of opening my closet to the boogeyman dancing to "Boogie Fever", wearing an afro and rollerblades, but should've just stayed a montage in my head...lesson learned.

By  ewmoldycheese  |  14

Rats Arnt the devil?

By  hurley12  |  30

Thats an effed up thing to say...

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