By My_Cow_kiM - / Tuesday 28 April 2009 23:05 / United States
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#6 and the others who bitched that you shouldn't pick an animal over a human: It doesn't matter, because the OP is an idiot for giving such a stupid ultimatum. Once I told my dad that he had to be nice to me or I'd call social services and they'd take me away. He replied, "Is that a promise?" Of course, my dad was joking, but the point still stands-- don't say stupid shit like that to parents, they're far cleverer (I know it's "more clever", BTW) than you are. ...by the


First of all, I hope you live alone, and will never have kids because putting your cat that high on a pedestal only leads to bad things. Second of all, if you knew it was "more clever", you should've said that in the first place because it makes you look dumb when you spend more time typing that you know the correct form INSTEAD OF ACTUALLY TYPING THE CORRECT FORM. Third of all, I recommend you leave the house more often. :) Good Day.

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