By hannamacintosh - / Monday 25 July 2016 14:13 / Canada - Cambridge
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  BrotherPhil  |  32

That's debatable. Some say "have", some say "are". I'm ADOS myself - as you can tell, I'm in the "are" crowd, which from where I'm standing seems to be mainly auties, aspies, activists, etc.

  deathstroke990  |  22

idk why jokes like this still go around, nobody says stuff like that when it comes to ocd, or anxiety

they're getting really annoying it's not 2007 anymore


Real talk, why is the squirrel the go-to animal in ADHD jokes? Where do y'all live where a squirrel is interesting and uncommon? I'm more likely to be distracted by a slightly-uneven paint job on a fence than a squirrel. Just food for thought for when you wanna make fun of people with brain imbalances

  humorousname  |  10

I'm actually full adhd and I'll admit that a squirrel or other random animals have distracted me from conversations before, also it's a joke not a dick, don't take it so hard

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