By Anonymous - / Saturday 8 September 2012 14:20 / United States - Rhodes
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By  ogoodrich  |  14



I'd suggest relationship counselling. It seems quite an insensitive response to an issue like that. Maybe that's just me over reacting, but I feel respect is important in any relationship. This guy seems like a douche, FYL OP.

  lawls79  |  14

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  DocBastard  |  38

Lawls79 - No. You don't just do that. It isn't a joke, and it shows a complete lack of respect. I joke around with my wife all the time, but I'm NEVER disrespectful. If she voices a concern, we talk about it. I don't cop a cheap feel like an asshole.

  mikeofthunder  |  13

55, I agree but everyone does it so I suggest you just let them do as they wish. It's not as if FML's modern day commenter pays any attention to the consensus anyway. Besides the awesome minority!

By  priceyfml  |  7

Don't worry he'll get what you mean soon.

By  dhall30  |  8

Good on you for being patient with him and trying to talk to him. Communication is probably the the most important thing in a relationship and he needs to respect what you have to say.

By  chocolatefrog28  |  29

Sounds like you need to move around a little more during your naked fun time sessions then, if you feel like a doll. Get more proactive and do some riding rather than laying back and being stuffed.

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