By whateven333 - / Wednesday 18 February 2015 04:02 / United States - Gibsonia
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By  devildog562  |  33

It ain't no fun if the cousin can't have none .

  Dillyduzit  |  23

You should probably think about what you just said.

  immaMonsta  |  8

#1 What kind of funerals have you been to (I know the FML didn't say it was a funeral, just the loss of his aunt. But assuming it was a funeral...)????

  cccook1547  |  14

Cousins make dozens

  devildog562  |  33

57 yes I'm twisted and demented, however I usually have this rare disease called a sense of humor.

30 obviously you haven't been weeding crashing , funeral crashing is the same thing but black is one of my favorite colors.

59 at least one person got the reference , don't care if I'm voted up or down but drinking and fml always ends negatively for me .

  mfmylifesrsly  |  29

OP is your cousin from the south? People here in the south tend to be into their cousins. down vote me all you want but I know a lot of people who are.

By  UhHuhHoney  |  20

Talk about cousin love...

By  nonsensical  |  26

Did he just lose his mother?? are you sure he was flirting or did he just feel like being close to someone, in this case you?

  Retaheki  |  27

Wincest is wincest when it is situation ally appropriate, and also very sexy (and *most* of the time, both parties must 'agree' to it.) This seems like none.

  Retaheki  |  27

Wincest, and when I say situationally appropriate, I mean not during a time of grief. Obviously incest is never appropriate, that's what makes it forbidden love.

  r1r1h2  |  11

I question if you know what wincest really is. Supernatural fans tend to know and from the other contends I'm thinking I might be the only one that does.

By  xpsychocatladyx  |  15

flirting or trying for playful banter? age? and great tragedy give the dude a small break... or if there are no questions bitch slap. this ain't Alabama.

By  Matteo_xxi  |  14

I want to say something smart to try and be in the top comments, but I'll pass ;)

I hope everything is fine now OP, and that it was a misunderstanding. My gosh, that would've been awkward.

By  Charles900  |  16

Wow, that's just plain messed up. That would be messed up under any circumstance, but at your Aunt's funeral? He's disgusting.

By  martin8337  |  35

Did tis happen in Mississippi?

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