By anonymous / Saturday 30 January 2010 00:08 / France
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  failirl  |  0

it sucks for him, but it's also an fml for her.... after 3 years she thinks it's finally time and gets all excited, only to find out that he really wanted to end things, not take it to the next level.

  White667  |  0

But it's totally awesome for the best friend, I want to buy that man a beer and laugh about this whole situation with him. It was a brilliantly-guy thing to do. xD

  jesbar95  |  10

That's why the girl you're breaking up with should be the first to know rather than your friend. But that was pretty hilarious, that's something I'd do lmao.

By  chris_the_G  |  0

did u bang her? cuz if you did your are sooooo fucked. (wedding bells)

  Maddoctor  |  10

...because people usually want to get feedback on a big decision from someone they trust - like a best friend.

Anyways FYL OP, your girlfriend should have waited until you proposed to say anything about marriage and your new life together...except that wasn't going to happen. Ouch.

  hedgehogs  |  0

Yes, she should have, but being a former girl, I have to say that I understand. I had to learn to see what was there, not what I wanted to see, and it's still at age 55 something I have to remind myself to do! Unfortunate, and I am really sorry for all the pain and betrayal that this FML shows so clearly.

By  jake_fml  |  0

while mean, that's a pretty origional practical joke, I've never hears if this before and now I will try it out on a friend,

  TrekkieGirl  |  0

I agree! Your bestfriend is an ass. If you were together for 3 years, she probably thought that things were going well. Why on earth your friend thought doing something like this would be funny, I don't know. I will say, she will probably hate you more for having a friend who's such a jerk. You are the company you keep. Unless your girl is a total bitch or diva, she didn't deserve this happening to her.

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