By omgitserika / Wednesday 18 November 2009 15:09 / United States
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By  deaditegirl  |  0

YDI for having an "online boyfriend."

By  deaditegirl  |  0

YDI for having an "online boyfriend."

  The_Pleb  |  0


I so totally knew when i was clicking this FML that some witty fml poster would come up with something as clever as...

YDI for having an "online boyfriend"


O and this is officialy the THIRD comment viewable on this FML.....

Someone tell me im wrong?


  neonokku  |  0

This is my favorite FML ever.


You must be ugly

  Cindii  |  0

LOL Was gonna start singing that famous song by Loverboy "PIG AND ELEPHANT DNA JUST WON'T SPLICE!"

By  kewl92  |  0

whoa... online bf... you should at least really get to know the person and make sure he is what he says he is before calling him your "boyfriend".. YDI

By  mileycyruslvrrrr  |  0

hahaha i'm so happy that happened. no offense. haha but i know this guy who only "dates" girls online and i wish he would actually be dating a man. haha but this is so funny. go meet real people. it usually works out better. :)

By  CrazysNicole  |  0

Was his name Robbie?

Seriously, I talked to a guy named Robbie who claimed he was like 17 a few years ago, and I knew he wasn't. And I finally found out he's about 58 and has kids.

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