By Anonymous / Wednesday 9 November 2011 21:52 / United States
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By  divadro102  |  16

I looked up and there it was, the biggest hose i ever saw. It was on and i knew daddy would be proud, if i reach up and shut the knob. Arms outstretched i reached for it, but clumsy little me slipped and got all wet. Now daddy's angry and i'm kind of smelly. I ruined his dishes, no more telly?

By  Cloudberry  |  10

What a slippery situation...

  HetaliaFreak  |  10

It's a pissy situation....

  BradyT918  |  9

In regards to your profile your 1 day early. HP's B-day is 7/31 same as Jk Rowling.

  ShyAnn29  |  14

All kids are curious, I heard a story that when my brother was little my parents caught him peeing on the truck tire, when my dad asked him why, he said "That's what our dog does!"


he probably thought that milk would come out...


He might be able to remember it. When I was OP's sons age I almost drowned. I can recall falling in and sinking to the bottom before my dad jumped in and grabbed me- so it's very possible his son will remember the time he got pissed on by dad.

By  braddah112233  |  1

Kids..... Got to luv um

By  SilentTreatment  |  7

No means No! Lol... XD

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