By cuteloser - / Saturday 4 October 2014 13:57 / Australia
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  Mrtigerblue  |  14

#93,#63 it's generally a rule that the one who cooks doesn't do the dishes, I mean I get it's romantic and all but she can clean up the dishes to show she appreciated his hard work going off and sleeping after a lovely meal instead of helping or even spending time with him is a bitch move

  HanBroman  |  20

so he made all that mess for her to clean up? thats like "SURPRISE, I MADE YOU FOOD. oh and I trashed the kitchen babe good luck with that." I guess the present isnt just about the food, its about spoiling her and showing her that you love her.

  ostfaiz  |  17

some raw some ready to cook things...lol

By  notfat14  |  18

What's a food coma

By  ostfaiz  |  17

Op u r a cute carin guy as per all deserving ladies, but for me n other boyz u r dumb n fool!

By  captainsmegma  |  12

Sounds like she can put the food away.

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