By workaholic - / Thursday 6 March 2014 16:24 / United States
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That's the golden rule of long arse projects. Don't follow it? You're going to be bit pretty hard on your backside when an unfortunate event occurs.


I feel super sorry for all of those poor people waiting for their loans to be approved! Lives may be disrupted badly by OPs mistake.

Vaginas will always go back to their normal size. If a guy brags about how tight a girl was he is bragging about how he couldn't turn her on

I did that with a ten page research paper before. Never made that mistake again. Sorry you had to learn the hard way but at least you'll be more cautious from now on.


Yes.. Ten. I was foolish enough to let it go until the last couple of days before it was due. I had been rushing through it just trying to get it done so I could receive some kind of grade on it other than an F. I was a fool and didn't save. My teacher was extremely nice and gave me two days to hand it in with a letter lower than what it would have been if I handed it in on time. Lesson learned.

Next time press that motha freaking floppy disk icon 10 times in a row just to be sure, everyone knows the power of the multi click of the floppy disk.


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Unless she had saved it previously to a USB and the USB was currently inserted into the USB port on the computer. Then it would work just fine.

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