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Why would you text him that in the first place. you two are obviously not together for a reason, and by the sound of it he's a total jackass.


3 come on you douchebag why he fuck would u put that creepy ass pic from youtube on here? sir your a careless asshole. might as well set a blue waffle as your pic, what a retard.

Why, yes. Yes, it is. You may couch it in terms of love and romance and affection, but in reality, it's just a booty call. If a guy doesn't want to give up his booty to you, he must really hate you. Even if he mildly disliked you, he wouldn't pass up the chance for some sex.


He may hate her. . .or maybe he's just in another relationship now or even was annoyed that he ever dated someone dumb enough to do this.

There's always a reason they are an ex. But, at least he was honest about what he'd want out of any 'reunion'.

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