By Pauper - / Monday 11 January 2010 07:20 / United States
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By  adwell90  |  0

how about next time using the gas and time it took for you to get to the dollar tree and use it to look for a job...instead of posting on fml...


Today, a co-worker invited me to go out for lunch with him. I politely declined, saying I had too many errands to do. The truth is that I'm just too broke. I'll be buying myself a burrito using quarters I found on the floor of my car. FML

By AKGrace - / Thursday 21 February 2013 20:45 / United States - Wasilla

Today, my mom let me know that I'll have to spend my entire tax return on replacing my car brakes. The reason I need new brakes is because almost every single time she uses the car, she floors the gas while the parking brake is still on. FML

By _Tater_Tot_ / Friday 3 April 2015 16:39 / United States - Anniston
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