By please don't back that thing up / Friday 9 August 2013 05:00 / United States
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  Soniye  |  14

*le sigh* -.-'

Honking usually ends bad :/

  FloMarDee  |  19

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  sweet23_fml  |  11

if the driver put it in neutral than it can be possible. (speaking from experience, but never into a moving car). btw i drive auto.

  Enslaved  |  36

If you go too far and pass the white line, you simply put it in reverse. That driver just forgot to shift it back to drive.

**I can so picture this happening!

  Jjimen1654  |  9

Sometimes they its cammera trying to get you to pay them off saying you ran into them. Thats why a dash cam is a must even where people appear to be good drivers with good moral values.

  sNOOBie_fml  |  24

I'm guessing that the driver wanted the 'neutralize' the gear so to start in first.
I have no license so my knowledge is vague. However I do know that most cars has to start in first gear and work it's way up.
Maybe the car had been riding in fifth gear and then the driver had to slow down, putting it in reverse as he stopped at the light instead of neutral?

  Pinwheel  |  10

I would think that is close to impossible . If you would try to change to reverse while the car is still going you will need a lot of strength (most likely you won´t be able to do it at all) and probably destroy your car.

  IT_Nird95  |  9

I drive a Volkswagen 6 speed manual and I've noticed because of the shift pattern it would be possible to land in reverse while aiming for first. If it's a 5 speed than the guy is just an idiot.

  Topasofmagic  |  17

I don't know that much about driving or cars, so can someone explain how OP could've seen that the car was in reverse just from looking at it from behind? Would really appreciate someone telling me... :^}

By  coolboy675  |  16

Sorry that said thing had been backed up.

I hope you two exchanged insurance infos though.

By  odamaliekh  |  26

How could you possibly see that he was in reverse? Unless he is backing up, the backinglights are Off..

By  cutiedimples  |  13

Plot twist: OP is a car

By  Krystal3408  |  32

Maybe you shouldn't have done anything, let him realize his fault

By  AGB10  |  19

Plot twist: OP saw all this in his rear view mirror..the other car was moving correctly, and sped up at the green light..

By  L2U7A_E5I9A2E8H  |  20

Why were they in reverse?

  hcollins1  |  18

They might have been over the white line then backed up and may have forgotten to put it back in drive. Or they might just like to put it in reverse at red lights. We may never know.

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