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Why do you even bother commenting this? Literally every FML you're the first comment, and all they say are "That sucks, sorry". If it's not something funny or clever and specific to the FML, why bother?

Happens all the time. I'm a Manager training a project person on a job I have 17 years experience doing (this is her first year). She makes over $5k more a year than I do.

Ask for a raise, if they don't give it to you, you should find a place were you are allowed to move up in your job.

There is nothing wrong with negotiating for a better comp package, and when you're hiring in is the best time to do it. While there's obviously no YDI in this for you for hiring in under different economic conditions, you can't really be mad that someone else took advantage of the current conditions to make the bet of the situation.

If you are being replaced, maybe figure out why? As for the replacement making more money, it didn't really matter. It's not your job anymore. Apparently.


They might be quitting, or got a promotion, or maternity leave. Just because they are being replaced, doesn't mean they don't know why.


ROTFLMAO! "Learn to go higher up!" immediately followed by the explanation that it's a flight school!!! Please tell me I'm not the only one that finds that hilarious!

OP here. I'll start by saying I'm leaving tis job voluntarily. I'm moving to a new town, I'll actually be making more at my new job. I have no hard feelings towards my current company. They even offered to pay me more to get me to stay, but sadly they don't have a branch in the town I'm moving too. To be clear this is a manager position I worked up too and they decided to raise the starting pay of my job after they started looking for someone. Apparently they think if the pay is good enough they


It sounds to me like they knew how important your position/department was and just downplayed it to keep expenses, IE your pay, down. Best of luck with the new chapter in your life!


Its not uncommon for a company to offer an employee a raise AFTER they turn in a notice. Most of the people I know that have had this happen to them, it kind of pisses them off. Their thought is that if they can pay me more to keep me from quitting they could have been paying me more all along.

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